Social & Emotional

The pur­pose of this page is to help parent(s) teach their child(ren) and ulti­mately bet­ter pre­pare them for the Kindergarten Entrance Exam.

Parenting for School Success — Key Skills

Social & Emotional

Encourage your child to per­sist in tasks when encoun­ter­ing a prob­lem by giv­ing them tasks slightly above their cur­rent abil­ity level.  When your child can­not find a solu­tion on their own, encour­age them to calmly ask for help.

Play board games to prac­tice tak­ing turns.

Set up sev­eral play dates with friends of var­i­ous ages.

Though video games, iPads and tele­vi­sion can be instruc­tional and enter­tain­ing, it sets up a dif­fi­cult tran­si­tion to the kinder­garten envi­ron­ment where chil­dren must rely on their audi­tory skill more than any­thing else.  Evaluate how much screen time your child engages in. When you go out and your child gets bored, intro­duce other activ­i­ties such as art or col­or­ing, pic­ture books, or cul­ti­vate the art of oral story telling. All these activ­i­ties will help your child become more cre­ative and be able to more fully par­tic­i­pate in kinder­garten lessons.

Set up a rou­tine so your child will know they are expected to clean up their toys.