The pur­pose of this page is to help parent(s) teach their child(ren) and ulti­mately bet­ter pre­pare them for the Kindergarten Entrance Exam.

Parenting for School Success — Key Skills


Reading to our chil­dren increases and enhances a mul­ti­tude of skills such as vocab­u­lary build­ing, rea­son­ing skills and sequenc­ing to name a few. But the fol­low­ing is some­thing that you can do to enhance their mem­ory and atten­tion to details

As you read to your child take time to explore the illus­tra­tions. Then think of a ques­tion regard­ing the pic­ture and turn the page. Ask your child the ques­tion and see if they can answer from their mem­ory. This taps into and strength­ens their visual mem­ory.

For exam­ple if this pic­ture were in a book you could ask one of the fol­low­ing ques­tions:

  1. How many peo­ple were in the pic­ture?
  2. What were they doing?
  3. What instru­ments were they play­ing?

This can be very help­ful and fun but be aware that not all chil­dren may enjoy this. Please do not insist on play­ing this game if your child resists. Reading is too impor­tant to impor­tant to inter­fere with. There are many other activ­i­ties that can accom­plish the same goal. However, if your child enjoys it, it would be help­ful to include it in your read­ing rou­tine, once or twice, while read­ing a book.