Listening & Directions

The pur­pose of this page is to help parent(s) teach their child(ren) and ulti­mately bet­ter pre­pare them for the Kindergarten Entrance Exam.

Parenting for School Success — Key Skills

Listening Skills / Following Directions

Probably the #1 rea­son chil­dren tune out of kinder­garten is their inabil­ity to lis­ten to ver­bal direc­tions or lessons. Practice giv­ing your child a ver­bal direc­tion and teach them to respond with­out hav­ing the direc­tion repeated. Similarly, your child should respond to you when you call their name the first time, rather than get into a habit of call­ing their name repeat­edly. This will do won­ders for their self esteem in kinder­garten, as the teacher will view your child as a “good lis­tener.” Teachers trea­sure good lis­ten­ers!