Language Development

The pur­pose of this page is to help parent(s) teach their child(ren) and ulti­mately bet­ter pre­pare them for the Kindergarten Entrance Exam.

Parenting for School Success — Key Skills

Language Development

Nothing enhances lan­guage devel­op­ment like lit­er­a­ture. Parents don’t always have to explain unknown words as chil­dren will usu­ally begin to under­stand from the con­text. As your child matures you can teach them to ask about words they don’t know. Books offer a great oppor­tu­nity to intro­duce words that may not be part of your own ver­nac­u­lar.

Many books for chil­dren incor­po­rate rhyming which plays a big part in learn­ing to read. Besides bring­ing atten­tion to the rhymes in the book by ask­ing your child to occa­sion­ally pre­dict the next rhyming word, try mak­ing up rhymes when you are out and about.  Nonsense words are just as good.

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