Fine Motor Skills

The pur­pose of this page is to help parent(s) teach their child(ren) and ulti­mately bet­ter pre­pare them for the Kindergarten Entrance Exam.

Parenting for School Success — Key Skills

Fine Motor Skills

A child will be unable to draw or write if their fine motor skills are under devel­oped. Think of the fol­low­ing activ­i­ties as a work­out for these impor­tant mus­cles:

Coloring, draw­ing, play dough, string­ing beads, string­ing fruit loops, sort­ing but­tons, play­ing with Legos, and other small build­ing toys.

Teach your child to dress them­selves includ­ing tying shoes, snap­ping, zip­ping and but­ton­ing. A good method is to use back­ward chain­ing which means you do all the steps and teach your child to do the last and most sat­is­fy­ing step. Gradually extend it to the last 2 steps and then 3 until your child is inde­pen­dent.