School Support

Strengthen the Link between Home and School

Currently, much is said and done about the pos­i­tive effect of the school and home part­ner­ship. Parents and teach­ers are encour­aged to com­mu­ni­cate. Parents are urged to get involved in their child’s school in a vari­ety of ways. Homework demon­strates to par­ents the mate­r­ial pre­sented in class as well as their child’s abil­i­ties in var­i­ous sub­jects.

It is an immit­i­ga­ble fact that chil­dren ben­e­fit from a har­mo­nious and nur­tur­ing fam­ily life. Parents that set lim­its, encour­age respon­si­ble behav­ior and use active lis­ten­ing skills raise chil­dren that are more likely to be moti­vated and con­fi­dent in school and life.

Parents from mid­dle to high socioe­co­nomic groups are more likely to develop a par­ent­ing plan and seek out assis­tance from a vari­ety of sources such as fam­ily coun­sel­ing, books, videos, classes and spe­cial offer­ings from orga­ni­za­tions in which they are mem­bers. Parents from low socioe­co­nomic groups are less likely to seek assis­tance and more likely to tol­er­ate unhealthy pat­terns.

Schools and fam­i­lies will ben­e­fit when par­ents ele­vate their par­ent­ing skills.  Students and schools will see aca­d­e­mic improve­ment when we focus on the needs of the fam­ily in the home. This has been ignored for too long and though it seems appar­ent, lit­tle has been done to address this issue.

Our orga­ni­za­tion will address the long ignored con­nec­tion between healthy fam­i­lies and aca­d­e­mic suc­cess by actively reach­ing out to groups who may or may not have access to par­ent edu­ca­tion. We will not only seek out fam­i­lies in need, but offer flex­i­ble sup­port to insure that fam­i­lies ben­e­fit in sig­nif­i­cant ways. Our orga­ni­za­tion will engage with fam­i­lies uti­liz­ing direct instruc­tion strate­gies based on the needs of the par­tic­i­pants, rather than a struc­tured one size fits all cur­ricu­lum, result­ing in greater suc­cess for all par­tic­i­pants. Parents, chil­dren and com­mu­ni­ties will appre­ci­ate the imme­di­ate and long last­ing rewards from ele­vated par­ent­ing.

Parents will:

  1. Develop a dis­ci­pline plan that is right for them.
  2. Learn strate­gies that pro­mote respon­si­ble behav­ior
  3. Increase their com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills by learn­ing to be an active lis­tener
  4. Realize the ben­e­fits of parental unity
  5. Be exposed to guide­lines for healthy devel­op­ment

As a sea­soned edu­ca­tor I am able to work with teach­ers and par­ents in the school and home set­ting to resolve aca­d­e­mic and social issues. I pro­vide indi­vid­u­ally designed work­shops for par­ents and teach­ers.