Kindergarten Entrance Exam Support

Kindergarten Entrance Exam Support

There is a big difference between kindergartners who have been well prepared for school and those who have not. A child who starts school with more confidence will be more successful in school and in life. 


For par­ents in Manhattan with a child going into kinder­garten; I am avail­able to sup­port both you and your child.

I am expe­ri­enced with all three entrance exams:

  • OLSAT/NNAT for the gifted and tal­ented pro­gram in the pub­lic schools
  • ERB for pri­vate schools
  • Stanford Binet for Hunter Elementary

I will help pre­pare your child to reach their full poten­tial by increas­ing their com­fort and skill level as well as con­fi­dence.  

My years as a kinder­garten teacher equip me with many tools to teach your child in a way that is fun and of course effec­tive.

I am able to build a great rela­tion­ship with chil­dren and many par­ents tell me that their child looks for­ward to our time together. It has become a reward­ing expe­ri­ence meet­ing so many won­der­ful fam­i­lies and I am proud to say that many fam­i­lies choose to con­tinue our ses­sions after the test is taken because they value my con­tri­bu­tion.

There are many schools in Manhattan that are not G&T but are supe­rior in every way.

Check out PS 199 on 70th and West End and PS 59 on 56th and 3rd. They are both quite impres­sive!