Services (How it WORKS)

Elevating your par­ent­ing skills to a higher level will ben­e­fit your entire fam­ily for­ever.
What could be more impor­tant?
Raise a more respon­si­ble and suc­cess­ful child by rais­ing the bar on your own par­ent­ing skills.

You want the best for your child.
As a par­ent­ing pro­fes­sional, I can help.
You have noth­ing to lose and so much to gain.



  • I will meet you in your home or at my space. Often par­ents appre­ci­ate a home visit where I can gain more insight into the fam­ily dynam­ics.
  • My ini­tial con­sul­ta­tion is always free.
  • We will estab­lish clear goals and plan accord­ingly.
  • Parents appre­ci­ate my abil­ity to work with their chil­dren directly and become famil­iar with their per­son­al­ity and strate­gies that have the great­est chance of being effec­tive.
  • Modeling spe­cific par­ent­ing skills will be pow­er­ful and empow­er­ing.
  • I am also avail­able to observe the child in the school set­ting when appro­pri­ate.



  1. As a sea­soned edu­ca­tor I am able to work with teach­ers and par­ents in the school and home set­ting to resolve aca­d­e­mic and social issues.
  2. I pro­vide indi­vid­u­ally designed work­shops for par­ents and teach­ers.