Celebrate the Positive

Key Points for Increasing Responsible Behavior
Point # 5:

Celebrate the Positive

Catching your child in the act of a pos­i­tive behav­ior and acknowl­edg­ing them for it is called “affirm­ing.” For this to be effec­tive it needs to be sin­cere, spe­cific and imme­di­ate. Think about what you want behav­ior you want to reduce and praise the oppo­site when you see it.

Noncompliance is replaced by coop­er­a­tion.

Pokey behav­ior is replaced by being on time.

Tantruming is replaced by react­ing calmly to dis­ap­point­ment.

Sloppiness is replaced by putting things away.

Children respond to atten­tion. As par­ents we need to rein­force the pos­i­tive to elim­i­nate the neg­a­tive. This is always impor­tant to remem­ber and can be used as an effec­tive tool when appro­pri­ate.