Reviews and Testimonials


.….….….….……about the Kindergarten Entrance exam


I just wanted to let you know that “J” got into our first choice school. I hear kinder­garten was very com­pet­i­tive this year (who knows what is true) — so I am ecsta­tic and grate­ful to you for his erb score! You really helped us do exactly what we wanted. Thank you so much Sharon. It means a lot. Really Really — not sure you know how much you helped. It was huge. You are the rea­son he was com­fort­able to show him­self in his best light – I know that. I know that in my gut.

Thank you so much.

- “E” Union Square, NYC February 2013


We just got the Hunter result and …

M_____ is IN!!!!!
I am speech­less now! Beyond the hap­pi­ness!! We really appre­ci­ate your hard work for our daugh­ter!!
I will con­tact you soon regard­ing our next plan!!!!
Thank you and thank you!!

-“S“Tribecca, NYC February 2014



Hi Sharon wanted to share some good news with u. A_____got into Horace Mann and we accepted . She will be in K for 1 yr on the east side and then on the Bronx cam­pus … Thanks to you and  the pos­i­tive influ­ence in her life 🙂

Let’s drink some cham­pagne soon.

-“M” UWS, NYC February 2014


Dear Sharon,

We are so pleased and proud that L_____ was accepted into Trinity. This would not have hap­pened with­out you. We don’t know how we will afford it but we will make it work. Thanks again and let’s keep in touch.

-“A” UWS, NYC February, 2014

Dear Sharon,

I wanted to tell you how much you have meant to us. _______ could never have had the oppor­tu­nity to go to a won­der­ful school like Dalton with­out you. I am so glad I found you and will never for­get your con­tri­bu­tion. In a few years we hope you will help our dar­ling lit­tle _________ as well.

L” UWS,NYC  February, 2015

Dearest Sharon,

You are sim­ply amaz­ing! From the way you helped me han­dle the stress of this over­whelm­ing expe­ri­ence to the results of the test­ing and admis­sion process.

Everything worked out bet­ter than we could ever have ever expected and ______ has amaz­ing schools to choose from. We know Speyer is an incred­i­ble option and we are hon­ored that they wanted her. We have decided to go with Brearley. YAY YAY YAY. I am beyond happy.



.….….….about Parenting


I SO loved your book. It is clear and orga­nized in such a way — I can take it all in at once and keep most of it with me — while refer­ring back for point­ers.

It did to me what many won­der­ful and wise self help or “how to” books do — gave me guilt and fear that am doing every­thing wrong.

Everything in the book is some­thing I need to read over and over. I keep it next to the bed so I can pick it up all the time. It is won­der­ful.

- E.W. NYC




Sharon is an atten­tive lis­tener who thinks out­side the box. In a very short time she was able to give me a fresh per­spec­tive into my com­plex rela­tion­ship with my daugh­ter and offer sug­ges­tions which I never would have come up with on my own. Her sug­ges­tions turned out to be a huge suc­cess for us. I would highly rec­om­mend Sharon for par­ent­ing advice.”

- Deb/ Boston, Massachusetts



Sharon Youngman was invalu­able for my entire fam­ily. My chil­dren loved and respected her and she lis­tened care­fully to our con­cerns. I loved how her approach was log­i­cal and uncom­pli­cated. We were able to imple­ment her plan and will con­tinue to seek her advice when needed. She was worth every penny and I highly rec­om­mend her for any fam­ily with minor or even major issue. Her par­ent­ing sup­port was invalu­able to us.”

- Wendy L / San Diego, California



I taught with Sharon and knew she had a way with chil­dren. When my hus­band and I had our sec­ond child we had issues that were plagu­ing us and I sought her help. She far exceeded our expec­ta­tions and the relief she brought to our fam­ily was imme­di­ate. I myself am a early child­hood edu­ca­tor and yet I was unable to see the unhealthy pat­tern of behav­ior we as a fam­ily had fallen into. I firmly believe that every­one can ben­e­fit from good out­side advice. Our chil­dren are worth it and so is our peace of mind. Parent edu­ca­tion is so impor­tant for us all.”

- Nancy W.M. / San Diego, California



Working with Sharon was one of the best deci­sions my hus­band and I have made. She helped out our fam­ily tremen­dously when uncer­tain­ties arose regard­ing our son. Things can get over­whelm­ing with two tod­dlers. As a par­ent­ing coach, Sharon was able to pro­vide us with incred­i­ble advice and sup­port in the exact areas that were chal­leng­ing us. Sharon’s pro­fes­sion­al­ism far exceeded our expec­ta­tions, and we would most cer­tainly rec­om­mend Sharon to our clos­est friends and fam­ily!”

- Claudia S.F. / NYC